About Us

Misskanguya is a Emirates online fashion retailer offering thousands of styles across womenswear and menswear, working in the fashion market so that you stay ahead of the trends.

We only sell worldwide well-known brands with 100% original products. Our products are the real thing and that´s why they have a fair and reasonable price.

 We aim to provide the best advisement and information in order to gain our customer´s trust.

We pride ourselves on our customer service as well as our vast selection of products from internationally renowned labels. We also provide the best information possible to our customers.

Our Vision

We aim to create a worldwide online reference platform for fashion products and services.

  • Practical
  • Comfort
  • Fashion
  • Research

Our Mission

Our mission is to create and develop an online platform through strategic agreements with the main suppliers in order to bring you the best fashion product selection , with an on time delivery and providing therefore the desired quality.

We work hard so as to be the best online retailer operating in the Portuguese and International markets.

We are capable of facing and overcoming our challenges.

We believe in our strength and working skills.

We make a huge effort to always pursuit our goals, working seriously and honestly.

The relationship with our customers and other stakeholders is based and conducted by ethic values and confidentiality, therefore we are able to establish long term relationships.

Respect and Interest in Personal Relationships

At Misskanguya we are passionate, creative and above all a team. Everyone here shares the same core values as well as an insatiable passion for what they do. Every single person´s contribution is important for us and we believe in investing in talent and sharing our successes together.

What can you find in Misskanguya?


What can you find in Misskanguya?

Are you looking for something special for you? Are you into fashion? Would you like to highlight your best features? Do you want to be notice wherever you go? Are you a fashionable person? We can help you!!

If you´ve hunting for the ideal one-stop shopping destination then look no further than the online Misskanguya store. Our products come from the most prestigious brands in the world and in our site you can find all the tips, advises and and all the help you may need.

Here in the online shop you can browse through a multitude of fashion items using our easily navigable site, selecting the clothes, shoes and accessories you need to transform your look or keep up with the latest styles.

You may find what you are looking for according to a name, reference, price range search. Our products are divided by categories in order to make your search easier. You may also create your favourite list of products. Join us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and also receive our newsletter.

All our products are carefully packaged with great storage conditions and put into appropriate parcels and properly protected before being dispatched by our Storage/Distribution Department.